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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Current WIP's

Okay.. So I'm down to only working on three things at a time.. (yay for me!)
  1. Scrunchable Set for me
    *Hat is finished (will add knitted rose later)
    *Scarf is almost 1/2 way through
    *Gauntlets not cast on
  2. 3D Lace Angel
    *Skirt & Arms done
  3. Garter Rib socks for DH
    *Cast on and 1/2" of ribbing done

I'm hoping to get the Angel finished and starched by the end of the month. The Scrunchable set and the Socks I'm hoping to have finished by the end of Feb, because in Feb I start a skirt KAL.

Yay for you, indeed! I wish I could get my WIP list down to twice that!

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