Wednesday, December 21, 2005 

With design in mind...

I have two things that I am 'designing' at the moment.

One is an MP3 sling, but for hoping to have it published on Knitty.com, I can't show any progress or 'workings' while I'm doing it... but it's there.. k?

The other is a top. And being my first article of clothing, I think the 'workings' need to be public, so any knitters might be able to help me out of a jam.

The yarn I'm using is a viscose/silk blend, in a gorgeous olive colour. The shape I'm still deciding on, but it has to be summer/early autumny, flattering on larger figures, comfortable, and must be able to go from 'smart casual' to an 'after 5' top (my wardobe is that limited).

So that's where I'm at with that.

Monday, December 19, 2005 

Christmas knitting done!


All I need to do is sew liners for the eye pillows and stuff them.

Christmas Sets

I'm very excited :D


Knits Wonderful, Knits Marvelous....

Not to imply that I'm a fabulous knitter, but that knitting itself is fabulous!

I have many WIP's and even few FO's, all of which will make an appearance in my gallery which has a link in the menu over --->

I have a bit of a stash. Mind you, each and every ball of yarn has a finished project 'attached' to it. I just keep finding yarn that would be 'perfect' for something particular, and then buying it.

I find knitting both very zen and very challenging (depending on the project). I love that it's portable, and I thank the stars that my mother and grandmother took the time to teach me to begin with. And I love that it was the internet that got me BACK into it.